About us

We started The Biscuit Club in 2021 after seeing a gap in the market for beautifully curated children's pieces that felt warm and wholesome, while still being super on trend for little ones. With 8 years experience in online retail we figured we could bring exactly that to the online community and so we began meticulously choosing pieces that we thought were perfect!

We are sisters and also very proud mums to beautiful girls. Family is everything to us and enjoying time with them is the most precious thing. Memories of going over to our grandma and grandads when we were little are so special to us, our favourite thing to do was sneaking into the kitchen cupboard and going into the biscuit tin, without any grownups seeing us (or so we thought!) When creating the brand we wanted to bring exactly that warm feeling to the brand.

We have consciously chosen products made from sustainable materials in soft timeless colours as we feel strongly about buying pieces that will last for years without making a footprint on the world.

We hope you all love the pieces we have chosen for you as much as we do and we hope you enjoy them for years to come.